Basic Life Support (CPR & AED) Instructor Course
Course Description:
The American Heart Association BLS Instructor Course is designed to teach the methods to effectively instruct others in all Basic Life Support (BLS) resuscitation courses to healthcare provider level.

The essence of this course is to become proficient in running CPR/BLS/AED Courses. During the course you will practice facilitating a class with lots of role play. The course is building on class facilitation.

Practical skills examined include:
Adult, Infant and Child one person CPR
Adult two person CPR · Adult, Infant and Child Foreign Body Airway Obstruction
Recovery Position
AED Training
Bag Valve Mask Devices
Pocket Masks
Barrier devices
Manikin Hygiene

To successfully complete the course practical skills must be successfully demonstrated and instructor competencies must be achieved.

2 Days.

Course Prerequisites 
In order to participate in the BLS Instructors Course you must have a current Healthcare Provider Certification and have completed the core instructor interactive course which can be taken at home or online and takes 6-8 hours to complete. Participants should be proficient in the above listed practical skills prior to the course.

Training Center Affiliation
The AHA only recognises training done through affiliated training sites. Therefore all certified BLS instructors must be affiliated to a training site in order to have any courses they teach recognised. Course completion cards are only issued through the training site co-ordinators.

Post Course Certification Requirements

Once the BLS Instructor Course is successfully completed new BLS Instructors must successfully demonstrate their teaching skills while instructing any of the BLS Provider Courses. Monitoring must be done within 90 days of completing the instructor course and monitoring must be completed by a current BLS Faculty member or Instructor Trainer.

AHA Instructor Certification valid for 2 years (recognized worldwide).

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